Saturday, September 24, 2005

Run fast ,the Neo-Talibs are coming .

I am watching with much trepidation, the events that are happening in Anna university. The vice chancellor there has introduced a new set of rules banning the use of cell phones in the campus and requiring the students to conform to a dress
code from Sep 1 2005. And the students dont seem to have carried out any mass protest against it .

The following is the extract from the anna university press release

"Taking its penchant for disciplinarian education a step further, Anna University has banned the use of cell phones and prescribed a dress code for students in all engineering colleges across the State from Thursday."

In light of these events i propose that "Mr. Viswanathan the vice chancellor" be awarded the title "Mullah Omar al Guindy " (Guindy is the place where we have the Anna university ) . Anna(Big Brother) is watching you folks.

Lets listen to what the "makkal(junta)" say :

Mullah Omar al Guindy (vice chancellor ): This is to protect our great culture from the influences of the outside evil forces and also to ensure that professors do not get lost in the curves of women while teaching the curves of a sine wave .

Is this guy is a jehovahs witness ?

Dravidian Parties and their caste counterparts : We really welcome the steps taken by the honourable vice chancellor in protecting the culture of the tamils by ushering this silent revolution which would help us in keeping these women folk down
to the ground . we already are not able to handle one Jayalalitha . Imagine what would happen to us if all the women were self confident and successful.

Thamizh chelvan (Male Student from anna university) : Machan .This is too much . I voted three times in the last election . If I can put three bogus votes in a general election to choose my prime minister,I certainly know what to wear and what to carry with me in campus. I am not peddling dope ,I am carrying only my mobile.

Thamizh chelvi :Female student from anna university : This is the the decision of a male chauvinist pig and only reflects the 'blame the victim' mentality of our society . Jeans is the symbol of young women all over the country.

Parents : This would prevent our daughters from getting eve teased inside the campus and make them a great servile Indian wife when we marry her to her future husband . you know what happened to sita when she crossed the line ,dont you ?? . And it also would prevent our sons from getting arrested for eve teasing . Long live Indian amma appas.

Peculiarities of this great decision which would prevent women from getting raped and eve teased .

Cell phones, the harbingers of technology are banned inside an university which is supposed to give the universities in Vellaikaran(Foreign) countries the run for their money . This is an attempt to drill into the student that modern technology is bad for you character .The students in confucius land are 20 years ahead of us in technology and this guy wants to keep mobile phones out of reach of our bright students.

Going by the same logic the anna university should ban the availability of internet inside the campus as we all know what all purposes the internet and email can be put through.There are too many scams which cannot all be mentioned in this post

And in the news , I heard that airtel and reliance are pumping money to the SFI to carry out a strike ,since this decision has affected their revenues by 50% . ;-). P.C. chidambaram spoke to the VC yesterday as this was not conducive to the FDI. The communist parties have supported Comrade Al-Guindy as he has kept the corrupt capitalists out of the campuses. (Couldnt resist it ;-))

I really do not understand why Jeans and Tshirts are considered to be more sexier than the saree in which you can see the mid rib for free . I am not sure if the vice chancellor gets a hardon watching the women in saree. Going by this rationale Saree is the only true linguistic, cultural, socio ethnic identity of a tamil lady. If she is not wearing a 'pudavai' she is not a tamizhachi .So as the next step the honorable VC Al guindy should ban churidhars from the campuses as they are an influence from the 'Indhikaarans'and are a distraction to professors and vice chancellors . PMK and the DPI have decided to kick churidars(without women inside them) out of the tamil country .

The Vice chancellor must ensure that the guys who wear pants do not have their shirts tucked in .Tight pants would show the anatomies of the human body and would invite unwelcome glares and lewd comments . I plead with the VC to consider this aspect as watches the ass of the women around during his moral policing rounds.

Al-guindy also must ensure that any new facilities from the government or the opposition should be rejected as both these are led by persons with film back ground and we all know what kind of corrupt influence the movies have . And he has
taken right step by banning film related activities on the campus . Following the great Al guindy's logic ,the government shall enact a rule whereby we shall not study any more the "Isai Thamizh and Nadaka Thamizh (Musical and dramatical tamil)
' of the tamil language as they are the predecessors to modern cinema. we should take steps to correct two thousand years of corruption of morality by removing these two divisions of tamil .

Jabs apart,I always believed that being laissez faire is the only true way to preserve a culture .This issuing of edicts purportedly to ensure discpline will only indicates that the particualr cuulture is not strong and is afraid of foreign influences .This would mislead the culture leading to its break down and foment extremism in students which might lead violent clashes . The world knows what a bunch of motivated irate youngsters can do . I suggest that Al-guindy be appointed the vice chancellor of JNU so that the students there can get his expert advice on morality .;-) (Jeepers ,I hope they dont adam tease him there )

And Students , I mean everyone of you,if you can read this you ,GET UP STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS ,DONT GIVE UP THE FIGHT' .You are the future of this society and the ones who will be there when we would all be gone and please do not wriggle under
the false morality that is being imposed on you by the neo-talibs from guindy.Tomorrow ,I want you to live as the citizens of a great country which serves as fountainhead of knowledge for other countries not as a bunch of lost children who need elders to help in wearing undies.

If you dont,you will repent the lost freedom forever and history will never forgive you.


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